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She won the lottery!

Okay – so you didn’t win the Powerball. AGAIN.

Sure, it would have been great. Even a small lottery jackpot if a pretty staggering amount, if it was in your bank account, right? That could buy a LOT of red wine and movies on I’d be SET for my weekends for like, 1000 years.


What would YOU do if you won all that money?

Would you march into work on Monday and tell your boss that proverbial phrase, “Take this job and shove it?”

Would you FINALLY launch that Alpaca circus training business and sweater company?

Would you FINALLY buy that pristine 1967 Mustang convertible in sparkling baby blue with white leather (and baby blue trim) that you really, REALLY wanted in high school but your dad said no and made you drive a sensible car? (not that I have any experience with that)

Where was I?

Oh yes…..

My question is, will $1B really make your life better? And even if it would, you do realize the odds of ever winning that money (or even a part of it), don’t you? The odds are now 1 in 292 million. Yep – that is a pretty staggering number too.

But let me ask you, do you really want your odds of a happy life to be 1 in 292 million? That is pretty darn depressing. I seriously hope you have more faith in yourself and the kind of life you can create for yourself than that.

So it gets me to my main question: What are you waiting for? Why would you put the fate of your life and your own happiness in the hands of a magical number drawing computer program? The odds of winning are pretty much on par with the likelihood that you will befriend the last remaining unicorn and have dinner with Harry Potter.

Trust me on this, having the courage to make changes in your life now, before winning a pile-o-cash, is the equivalent of winning the lottery. I know, because I have done it. Yes, I am saying that I pretty much won the lottery.

No, I didn’t get a bathtub full of Benjamins, but I did find my freedom and discover my life’s purpose. You can do that without a radical life event like winning an actual lottery, losing your job or joining the Peace Corps (although, hey, that IS pretty cool).

I encourage you to make the decision today, before 2017 gets any older, that you are going to make this coming year YOUR YEAR. Your year to find your purpose, to set and meet some amazing goals, and to figure out what will make you feel fulfilled and happy.

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Shahan Akhter
Shahan Akhter
Oct 22, 2020

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