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The BEST speech I have heard at one of our conferences. I'm so inspired and ready to use my super powers for good! Thank you!

— Ashley E., Founder & Entrepreneur

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AMAZING! I love you more and more every time I hear you speak. You are just the bomb.
Super great info.

— April M., CEO

Hearing Jessica Eaves Mathews say “Lead like a woman” gave me more validation than she will ever know. I’m a software developer by trade who’s been surrounded by mostly males my entire career....  At the end of the day, what makes me a great software developer and business owner are not only my trained skills, but my ability to connect and communicate better than my male counterparts.... I will remind myself of this anytime I’m stepping into a boardroom full of men again and I will lead like a woman because I am a woman and I am proud of what I bring to the table.


— Liza, Co-Founder & Blogger


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Feeling supremely grateful, inspired, and turned on today after spending two life-changing days with passionate, brilliant, groundbreaking female entrepreneurs from across the state at HauteCon National Women's Conference. Thank you Jessica Eaves Mathews and Lisa Abeyta for all you do to support a collaborative, woman-friendly, prosperous New Mexico!

— Tami B., Entrepreneur

You were so awesome! I never thought about what it means to lead like a woman, and I am so ready to start putting it into practice in my life! I am so grateful that I got to hear you speak! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Kate M., aspiring entrepreneur

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